Basic Introduction


Basic Information Of On-Page SEO

Introduction :
SEO (search engine optimization) is never less than the most trustworthy source to generate traffic for the websites organically. By the Digital marketer land, you will get to know the top professional tips and tricks of SEO which helps you to rank your website in search engine result page (SERP), and also you will get the information about, how to improve the speed of your website.
To show the website in search engine result page (SERP), a search engine follows systematic procedure i.e.,

Crawling :
If anyone enters a query, search engine (google, bing,_ _ etc…) crawls all websites step by step and collects the websites which are relevant for that query.
Later, it will store those collected websites in their database to analyze and shows the right website to the user.
Ranking :
After analyzing those websites, the search engine shows the website in a result page based on the Ranking of the websites.
[Here ranking depends on the various factors like website performance, On-page factors, Backlinks, _ _etc…]

To get into the best position in SERP, Search engine follows certain factors like

An audit is nothing but checking the health of the website. If the health of your website has 50% out of 100% means you need to find out the errors, warnings, and loading speed. After that, clear those errors, warnings and optimize your website loading speed (because if your website has high loading speed means it leads to poor user experience).
Audit Tools: SemRush, Screaming Frog, Webmaster Tool, etc….
For Example: if you are using Semrush means Then follow the following steps,
Step-1: Create the account
Step-2: Select SEO Toolkit on the left side of the website
Step-3: Select projects
Step-4: Click on add project (+)
Step-5: Give URL and project name (after that dashboard will open)
Step-6: Click on-site audit
After that it will take some time to show the result then you can find the site health, errors, and warnings. From here you can download the report also by clicking export option.

Keyword Research:
SEO (search engine optimization) begins with keyword research. Because while preparing content you need to use keywords and based on the keyword research only your website shows to the right people. This will helps you to rank in search engines.
Tools: Google ads keyword planner, Uber Suggest, SemRush, Google auto-suggests,etc..
While doing keyword research you have to keep your eye on competitor’s keywords and need to collect high search volume keywords then only more people will visit your website.

In the website, maintain a minimum of 800 words on each page including keywords. If you are using more images instead of content means you will lose the ranking because the search engine will not crawl the images. So maintaining proper content with keywords even though maintain images, then it helps to get good ranking.
Note: maintain a keyword density of 2.5% on each page.

There are two types of links internal links and external links.
Internal links means redirecting people from one landing page to another landing page within the website. Because of these links, people will stay much time on the website. But don’t use more internal links on the same page.
External links mean getting links from other websites by doing off-page submission. Due to these links will get more traffic to the website.

Analysis means taking care of everything how your website is performing compared to competitors. If your website is not getting proper ranking or not getting decent traffic means you need to optimize your website properly.

These are updates from the search engine. For example; panda, penguin, pirate, etc.. are updates from Google (Search Engine). These algorithms will rollout once in a few days. If you are optimizing your website means don’t worry about these algorithms. For example; if you copy content from other websites means then the Panda algorithm will count that content as spam content.

Maintain exact location (Address) in map, website & search engine and also maintain the same location in all the three. Select keywords by mentioning location example “best hospital in Hyderabad”. These type of keywords has high chances to visit your website.

Maintaining all SEO factors ( on-page and off-page) properly without any errors means there are high chances to get maximum traffic to the website and remaining traffic depends on your different strategies also.


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