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Off-Page SEO- Basic Information

In simple terms, off-page submission means doing things outside of your website. Off-page submissions are useful for getting backlinks to your website and helps to increase Domain Authority score. If your website has good domain authority means your website has a good ranking in search engine result page.

Domain Authority: It’s a source developed by MOZ. It ranges from 1 to 100. In that, 1 – 30 (Low Authority) and From 30 – 100 (High Authority).

Why Off-page submissions :
In SEO (search engine optimization), both On-page and Off-page factors are important to your rank website in search engine result page (SERP). Few People are thinking that Only On-page factors play a key role to rank website and OFF page submissions are not. But it is the wrong prospect because taking care of On-page factors will get direct traffic but off-page submissions you will help get indirect traffic (traffic from other websites) also.
If your getting backlinks from other websites means you maintaining good content and properly optimized website. Because you will not get backlinks without reviewing your website. Why other website holders review your website means, Once the approval happens, you will get traffic from their websites. For Example, Assume that your maintaining a health-related website but you got a backlink from education-related websites and then, the visiter coming to that education website will be redirected to your health website means to imagine how the visitor will fell, immediately they will come out from your website and it leads to poor user experience.

Why digital marketer land?
Some are wasting their time for searching perfect submissions websites in Search Engines. we are the one who saves your time, which is spending on searching for submission websites. Here Digital marketer Land shows you high Domain Authority submission websites for each type of submissions separately. For all submissions, the procedure is the same but you need to figure out the way (cost of the listing) for the submission you are doing. Find the below submission in detail.
– Directory submission.
– Classified ads.
– Article submission.
– Blog commenting.
– PDF submission.
– Forum submission.
– Image sharing.
– Social Bookmarking.
– Press Release Submissions.
These are the submission which helps to get more backlinks with high Domain Authority scores.

Submissions in detail :
Before entering into the submissions, primarily you need to find out the competitors of your website. And then analyze competitors, how many backlinks they have, and from which websites they are getting backlinks. After knowing websites, make a note those websites Domain Authority. If Domain Authority of those websites is higher than your website Domain Authority means do the submission or else leave those websites.

Directory submissions:
This is the easiest submission compare to all the submissions. But drawback in this submission is it will take 2 – 3 months to verify your listing.

Classified ads :
Before doing these submissions you need to verify your E-mail address. This submission helps to get backlinks within one month.

Article submission :
For these submissions, you need to prepare an Article with Unique content (If your article contains any duplicate content means the website holders count your article as a spammy article).

Blog commenting :
Here you need to select an article that matches your website and then appreciate that article in the comment section with good creative content by using proper keywords.

PDF submission:
Which one you need to submit, Convert that thing into PDF and then submit.

Forum submission :
First, have to select a question that relates to your website and then answer that question with proper content (Mention your website URL in that content).

Image sharing :
Submitting an image with your website URL.

Social Bookmarking :
Here need to verify the E-mail address. After that need to built your profile completely and then have to post content and Images every week.

Press Release Submissions :
Posting of any event which is held by the website holder.

In the middle of submissions you need to analyze your website backlinks, In case if your losing backlinks from any websites means have to submit your website again on those websites.


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